Taking the Pain Out of Tax Time

Filing your annual income tax return by yourself is more than an inconvenience to most people. It’s hard to do it right. It can mean paying more tax than you have to or missing out on a tax refund if you forget something.

The tax professionals at Imperato Tax Services, Inc. understand how to get you everything you’re entitled to – from tax breaks to refunds! Our personal approach means getting to know you and your situation so you can avoid tax burdens you just can’t handle

Whether you’re filing an individual return or jointly as a married couple, Imperato Tax Services, Inc. will work closely with you to ensure the best possible outcome for your unique situation. We offer computerized tax preparation services for all 50 states, including annual income tax returns and amended returns of filings from previous years.

Annual Income Tax Returns:

Personalized service ensures your completed tax return represents your best interests and gives you everything you are entitled to.

Amended Tax Returns:

Think you paid too much? Let us take a look and see if you would benefit from an amended tax return. If there is money you are owed due to overpayment, we will prepare and submit an amended filing so you can get that money refunded.

If you think your tax situation is about to change as a result of a real estate purchase, another type of investment, a personal life change like marriage or retirement, or an inheritance, talk with our tax specialists to learn what you can do to minimize your tax liability. Tax laws are constantly changing and getting help from our expert tax specialists in a timely fashion can help protect your assets and your future.

Real Estate Purchases:

Learn how real estate taxes will affect you now and in the future. Know before you buy.

Co-op Financial Review:

Do you know if the property you want to buy is financially stable? Let our financial specialists review the co-op building financials before you buy to determine if the investment could potentially hurt you in the long run.

Estate (Inheritance) Tax:

Whether you are expecting an inheritance or are planning to leave one, learn how you can protect yourself, your assets, and your family from current and future tax liabilities.

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Thank you for choosing Imperato Tax Services, Inc. to prepare your Income Taxes.


For annual tax returns and tax planning for your future, speak with the tax specialists at Imperato Tax Services, Inc.

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Try Our Tax Preparation Checklist

Thank you for choosing Imperato Tax Services, Inc. to prepare your Income Taxes.

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